The People's Lodge

The People are the lifeblood of Renegade Medicine.


Our Medicine comes Alive when we sit together and awaken in the sacred reflection of The Other.


Meeting our seeming duality in the infinite faces of The One.


As Renegade Medicine evolves from the foundation of Wild Soul Medicine, we are under construction. Culling through the stale density of what Has Been So and letting go of what is now Complete.


We are Listening and Gathering our Knowing of Who We Are Now.


As a community of Seekers turned Finders, we are a diverse Tribe of un-domesticated spirits free to love and growing in our capacity to love for free.


We believe Wholeness is achieved through Inclusion of All our Parts.


We are a fiercely loving society of Sacred Humans supporting each other in achieving Self Authority through Sovereign Unity.


You are invited to Join Us in our virtual lodge to place a log on The People’s fire.

In this sacred space, you will be honored, challenged, held, seen, heard, and Loved.


At the heart of our gathering, is the exploration of the teachings of Renegade Medicine Radio.

Through personal experience, self-reflection, brilliant conversation and deep listening of Tribe members, we seek to Know our Selves more fully as we rest in the Wisdom of the We and the Me.


Currently, our virtual gathering place resides on Facebook. All are welcome and no financial exchange is required.


Instead, we ask for your Exchange in Presence and Contribution. The evolution of The People is contingent on your Voice being part of the Conversation.


The Truth emerges from that space of Deep Collaboration.


Your uniqueness and generosity are welcome here.


Will we remain on Facebook?


What structures and processes will most serve you and us in this potent time?


What is possible when thousands of Rebel Lovers unite together around the common cause of Freedom?


These questions and more will be asked and answered by The People as we sit in counsel and learn to lead from right where we are.


Come place a log on The People’s fire.


It will take All of Us to fan its flames.