I am SunOtter

Thank you for receiving my words here.

I want to share with you a little about who I Am…

Some of who I Am was forged in the fires of my early life experience of poverty, abuse, and racism. I am not this story anymore, yet it informs me.


Some of who I Am came in with me, my innate genius and power to activate only by my Presence.


Some of who I am I craft through Self Authority in the present moment. 


All of who I Am is the alchemy of Life expressing Her Self through me, as Me. 


My name SunOtter speaks to the range of my character; like the sun, I hold no pretense or reservation about sharing my light. Like the otter, I am playful, and use humor in the most life-affirming irreverent ways. 


My friends say I am a force of nature, and like nature, I show up unapologetically.


I Am incorruptibly True to My Self while also being deeply committed to the power of “We.”


Always an anomaly. 

I Am a striking convergence of polarities. As a Two-Spirited being, I was born with the spirits of both genders in one female body, and I express them fluidly and equally.  I have no moral gradient to love or sexuality –  the embodiment of Love’s Outlaw.


I Am the Medicine Wheel… a map and compass.


My yearning is to Meet you in ceremony.


Come, warm your Self by the fire.


Let’s revel in Undomestication and see what beauty emerges.

These are my words