I am Jody

I was made for These Times

I am a woman immersed in the Ocean of the Great Mystery.

Humbled and bowed down to the immensity of Life having Her Way with me.


Bridging the transition from one Age to the next as economies collapse, cities and countries burn, and dis-ease runs rampant through our global population.


I have been uniquely and specifically cultivated for this moment in our Becoming.

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I Am…


An Edge Walker


A Galactic Tantrica


A Medicine Woman


A Bridge Builder


A Translator


A Lover


A Rebel Heart


A Mother


A Warrior


A Living, Breathing Love Note from the Divine


All Things and No Thing…

Rather than telling you who I Am, I invite you to have an Experience of Me.


To see yourself infinitely reflected in the Mirror of Essence


Who Am I… ?


Who Are You?


Who Are We?

These are my words