As a trained therapist, psychic tantrica, and shamanic Medicine Woman, I bring a vast skill set to see and meet you in the depth of self inquiry.


I support clients to find the connections in the disparate and turbulent parts of daily life to uncover the hidden patterns and Soul Curriculum underneath.


Plumbing the darkness of the subconscious to excavate programming, trauma, conditioning, and unprocessed emotion, I guide individuals to turn toward the unfinished business of their psyche and bring the chaos into light.


This is far from a talk therapy session or a rah rah, tell-you-what-you-should-do to change your life session. This is a get in there and move the dirt, make the change, shift-for-real session.


Part psychotherapy, part psychic reading, part teaching, part mystery school – working with me is endlessly surprising and enlightening. My clients typically report that they’ve never had a deeper, more meaningful session in any modality.


Any topic can (and IS) a portal into deeper understanding of the meta themes that undergird our lives. Whatever you bring to our session, we will use to open to more freedom and greater understanding of Who You Are and How You Work.


Mentoring will be tailored to your intention and budget. From a single drop-in session over the phone, to a several day in person immersion, to a full year mentorship program designed exclusively for you – we will choose the technologies and structure you need to explore your inner territories and expand  your capacities on all levels.


My mentoring spots are extremely limited and fill very fast. If you are called to journey with me, I would be honored to serve as your Guide. Message me  to set up a session to explore the possibilities.

I am a carrier of the Delicate Lodge Teachings. Deeply rooted in the ancient native cultures of the Americas – which according to its mythology this lineage has been evolving for 35,000 years – it flourished among the Mayans and the Toltecs and those who walked before them. Later it lived in the cultures like Chaco Canyon and the Mound Builders of the Mississippi.


The ‘Old Ones’ who have passed down the Delicate Lodge teachings are among the many elders from indigenous cultures around the world who are saying “it is time..” …time to call forth the best of our human wisdom to respond to the challenges in our world. Many of those challenges are inner ones – mirrored in our outer world. The current unprecedented upheavals in the global economy and climate show us that there is much to achieve in restoring ‘right relationship’ with ourselves, each other and the planet.


Both profoundly esoteric and highly practical, these teachings are from an oral tradition of indigenous peoples of the Americas, who understood what was needed for humans to live together in harmony while at the same time honoring individual freedom and self authority. In this understanding, we are all sacred beings – along with “all our relations,” meaning all other life forms in our universe.

This ancient wisdom contains deep understanding of how humans function – spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally – including powerful practices for healing old patterns that prevent right relationship. Through working with this “bundle” of knowledge and tools, we can access the deep joy of living a full and balanced life.


Reconnecting with the wildness of our undomesticated nature, mapping the Self, identifying and honoring cycles, understanding privilege and race in a patriarchal/colonizing culture – there is no place this Medicine doesn’t reach and teach in personal, organizational and community life.


If you are seeking a Guide to support your evolution into the fullness of your Sacred Humanness, message me to request a discovery session.