Good Medicine

It is time for us to prepare for the coming wave of psychedelic revolution. As the nation moves closer to decriminalizing these important allies and teachers, we are mobilizing to empower the next generation of Medicine Guides.


Gathering the shamans (and potential shamans) to come together to explore their relationship to this Sacred Path. 


A blend of indigenous wisdom, galactic tantra, and Questing into the Self – we will cover the practical, the metaphysical, and everything in between as we Journey into our Calling.


In this year long Medicine Mentorship, you will be challenged and stretched, trained and liberated, expanded and shifted beyond every edge as we live into the question…

What is Good Medicine?

This journey is for those who have already experienced psychedelic medicines and who have significant previous training with healing modalities, and/or psychological and/or medical work. 


If you’d like to be considered as an applicant when the portal opens, pre-register below.