Apocalypse Training

“Apocalypse: Greek word meaning ‘revelation’, An unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling”.

– Wikipedia

Medicine for Times Like These

Religions have long prophesied about the End Times. The belief that life on earth will come to completion and an “afterlife” will begin in heaven. Like all good patriarchal lenses, that story is about power, control, fear, and retribution. 


That story is literally a Dead End. 


Life as we’ve Known it is absolutely coming to an end. It was always going to come to this.


We find ourselves arriving Right. On. Schedule.


However, just because we can’t or don’t already Know what comes next doesn’t mean there isn’t simultaneously a Genesis occurring.


Life and Death are partners. 


They go nowhere without one another. 


This is Law.


What do we do Now as humble citizens of the old world and devoted seekers of the New?


How does One traverse the tumultuous terrain of the conflagration of the Cataclysmic Ending along with the labor pains of the Great Mother contracting in her birthing process?


We must prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.


Take up our Training for the Revelations to come.


This preparation is a tantra of All Things.


Facing our deepest fears


Casting off our domestication


Healing old wounds and liberating ourselves from the age of suffering and enslavement


Fortifying our resilience


Awakening in our capacity to command our energy


To Be the calm in the storm


Moving beyond judgment and fear


Cultivating Radical Compassion for ourselves, each other, our earth and all Her inhabitants


Aligning with the Higher Truth of Universal Law


Honing our ability to see through falsehood and sense the Truth from deep in our animal nature


To Lead the coming Revelation (Revolution) from the Divine Feminine


In all Her passion, glory, sensuality, fierce, wild, unapologetic YES


Knowing ourselves fully


Mid-wiving the New Age from the Center


Standing for All of Life


This is our charge, our prayer, and our edict


As humans, we are young in our evolutionary journey. We have no idea where we are going or what exactly will be required of us to get there.


  • We need guides who work with Guides
    • Those who are equipped to tap into the vastness of the Wisdom of our evolutionary curriculum
    • Helpers who are advanced in their Seeing and Knowing. Who have devoted lifetimes to translating and wielding the instructions and technologies to prepare us for the Coming Age
    • Indigenous cultures have prophesied this Great Shift for tens of thousands of years
    • Maps were seeded on the earth to support Us in this evolutionary Awakening



It is time to take up the mantle of learning. To do our part as Sacred Humans to advance The Cause.


Apocalypse Training is for evolutionary, renegade Women who are called to Edge-u-cate and prepare themselves for what is Ours to do at this time in Her-story.


Gathering together to conspire in our own Becoming.


We have work to do…


(Details of this training will be forthcoming. For now, we ask you to let us know of your interest below. We will be in touch soon with next steps as they are Revealed.)

Are you With Us?

“It is so clear that everything I experienced in my work with you was to prepare me for this moment. The Medicine is helping me. It is teaching me. I am completely broken down, raw materials, and there is no way I’m going back to living the way I did. I am so bruised and broken and I know, so well, that this is leading me to something beautiful. Something big, and right and authentic. Grateful for you sister.”

– Jennifer E.
New York